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  • "AvePoint Online Services gave me a wide range of Office 365 management solutions from one interface, which was an advantage. We were able to meet all of their business requirements through Office 365 and AvePoint Online Services without needing to write a single line of custom code."
  • Luc Labelle
  • Owner, Kabesa
  • "Utilizing cloud-based collaboration technologies such as Office 365 and ServicePoint365 managed by AvePoint Online Services allows us to access data more reliably and work more efficiently than ever before, which ultimately benefits our customers."
  • Brian Newsome
  • Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, Albion Scaccia
  • "AvePoint gives us assurance that if documents go missing or we run into problems within our Office 365 environment, we have a full backup available in the cloud along with granular content restoration abilities to minimize business disruption."
  • John Baddiley
  • Senior Business Manager, Davanti Consulting
Albion Scaccia
Davanti Consulting


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